You’ve probably put 2 and 2 together that this is a teaching blog (see what I did there), so I’ll be posting primarily about teaching ideas and resources. But it feels right to also have a little spot where I can share what I love outside of teaching. We all have those personal things that make us happy, that make us tick. Whether it’s family…a hobby…Channing Tatum movies…whatever you’re into! As teachers especially, we need to embrace those things even if just to keep us sane. Because while we have the best job, we all know that it can also be quite the circus from time to time!

Aside from spending time with my family and friends, getting out and seeing the world is my own favorite outlet. I live in a small place and I don’t have a closet full of fancy shoes, but my passport is full! I’ve been to about 30 countries on 5 different continents, soon to be 6.

Being at a year-round school has its pros and cons, but one of the major pros for me is that it’s amazing for traveling during off-peak times! It’s less crowded and I can often find some good deals in November and March (I do also get to enjoy one summer month off in July).

Here’s where I’ve been!

If I had to pick a top 3, my favorites so far have been Italy, French Polynesia, and the Greek Islands. Tasty food and pretty beaches are clearly the way to my heart.

I’m super excited for my next big vacation coming up in March (where for part of the trip, I’ll finally get to step foot in Africa)! More about that next time. If you’re a teacher who has the travel bug too, I’d love to hear from you!