Well, I’ve decided to take the big plunge and start this little blog of mine! While staring at the intimidating first blank page, I thought of inserting a self-motivational quote here, something like “Every journey starts with a single step…” But I do realize that I’m not writing to high school seniors. The more fitting quote that actually comes to mind: “Is anyone reading this??” And by that, I mean anyone besides my family (hi Mom)!

If you are, I’m so happy you’re here! Feel free to take a tour through the different menu tabs where it says Home, About, Shop, etc.…make yourself at home 🙂

This Home tab right here is where I’ll be sharing all sorts of teaching ideas. You can expect a wide range, as some might be related to those ever-changing buzz words, like “Close Reading” and “Collaborative Conversations” etc., and on the other end of the spectrum, some of it will be just plain fun/cute stuff. I love an adorable craftivity or wacky PE game now and again to break up a rigorous day of finding the main topic of a multi paragraph informational text. So anything goes as long as it’s something that could be useful for you and your students.

I’m new at this whole blogging gig so it’ll be a learning experience, but I guess as a teacher I’m no stranger to that. Thanks for coming along for the ride with me!

Leave a comment below if you’d like, I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Hey Shannon, when you shared this link I rolled my eyes and thought… oh Gawd… another one of my friends is trying to sell me something. Thank goodness I can count on you to be a woman of substance. I am so thrilled about your proposed content and super excited to see what you do with this!

  2. Thanks so much Kim, that means a lot! Haha, I promise I won't be trying to sell you any leggings or health fads 😉 Just sharing teaching ideas. Thank you for stopping by and reading, I know you're busy doing big things in D.C.!


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